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Tooth decay that goes untreated can deeply afflict the health of several of your teeth. If the decay advances enough to penetrate the tooth roots, it could cause you to lose multiple teeth in a single area in quick succession. This outcome is highly likely if the formation of an abscess requires you to have teeth extracted. The loss of multiple teeth can be overcome with a custom-made partial denture.

Following multiple tooth loss, Dr. Shue Her can help you review options for tooth restoration. Depending on the significance of the tooth loss, a dental bridge may not be your best option, and while dental implants are a very popular method of dental restoration, you may not be thrilled about the prospect of the required oral surgery needed to place the implant.

Instead, our dentist may recommend that you receive a removable partial denture, which is a more condensed form of dentures that is custom crafted to blend with your underlying gum structure. A partial denture may also involve a locking hardware to increase the strength of its hold to your other teeth.

In order to ensure your partial is customized, we will cast a detailed impression of your smile for the dental lab to use as an accurate model. Once your partial is ready, we can arrange a follow-up appointment to place the partial. If needed, we can make some minor adjustments first, as well as provide cleaning and maintenance tips to help you care for your new teeth. You may also find it useful to use denture adhesive to create extra security for your partial and repel food particles from the gum line.

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