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Dental X-rays are beneficial technology that can inform your dentist, Dr. Shue Her, of the status and health of your mouth. However, they can also be a bit overwhelming and maybe even confusing, which can lead to many questions. If you have questions about dental X-rays, our dentist is happy to help you find the answers. To do so, he would like to share the answers to the following commonly asked questions about dental X-rays:

Q: What are dental X-rays?
A: Dental X-rays are in-depth pictures that help your dentist understand the complete health of your teeth, roots, underlying bone, jaw and more. They are also known as radiographs and they are essential parts of any dental plan.

Q: What types of X-rays are available?
A: The Bitewing and Panoramic X-rays are the most commonly used X-rays. The Bitewing X-rays take simple pictures of the mouth while the Panoramic X-rays take a detailed picture of the entire mouth in one film.

Q: Do X-rays hurt?
A: No, they do not.

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