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We encourage you to consider your options for dental restorations if you have lost several teeth and are struggling with reduce oral functions as a result of tooth loss. Commonly, multiple missing teeth call for a dental bridge or dentures to fill a large tooth gap. If you are considering a dental bridge, it may be just right to regain the function of several lost teeth.

Dental bridges and dentures offer some important differences when it comes to tooth loss. A full arch of missing teeth may require the use of dentures, while dental bridges can replace large tooth gaps when you still have several remaining teeth. While dentures are removable dental appliances, our dentist may fix a dental bridge in place to help it become long lasting. If you would like assistance in determining which is right for your preferences and dental needs, our dentist is happy to help.

If you have a few lost or badly damaged teeth, you may find that a dental bridge is the most effective treatment for tooth replacement since the dental materials used to create it can be matched to the shape, color and size of the surrounding teeth. With a dental bridge, you can once again speak and chew without concern for the appearance of your smile. To ensure your dental bridge withstands several years of use, you need to maintain daily oral care habits such as brushing and flossing, as well as receiving regular dental checkups from your dentist’s office.

We encourage you to seek restorative dental treatment as soon as you have lost a tooth. If you feel you would benefit from a dental bridge in Gainesville, Georgia, contact Dr. Shue Her and our team by calling Lifetime Dental, PC at 770-536-6688 today.