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Dental Bridges – Gainesville, GA

Personalized to You, Designed to Last

Are you missing multiple teeth and aren’t sure of the best way to replace them? Lifetime Dental of Gainesville offers dental bridges that are fully personalized to your specific needs, whether you’re missing one or multiple consecutive teeth. Not only can they bring back your smile’s full functions, but they ensure you can smile with confidence and express yourself to the fullest. To learn more about replacing teeth with dental bridges, give Dr. Her a call today to schedule your next dental appointment.

What is a Dental Bridge?

woman smiling after getting tooth-colored fillings in Gainesville

Dental bridges are essentially designed to “bridge” the gap inside the mouth between two natural teeth. This is done using replacement teeth that are made from natural-looking, yet durable restorations. Typically made from dental ceramics like porcelain, dental bridges consist of a series of crowns that are fused together to create a larger, more complex tooth replacement. They sit on top of neighboring teeth, which are slightly modified so they can hold the bridge effectively. However, there are alternative versions available that rely on titanium posts instead.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dentist in Gainesville speaking with a smiling patient

Bridges fall into two categories: traditional and implant-supported. Each type of bridge comes with its own unique benefits, but the one you choose will depend on a few different factors. Read more about their differences below ahead of your dental appointment!

Dentist in Gainesville holding a dental bridge on a model

Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge is designed to attach to neighboring teeth much like dental crowns do. This means a small amount of enamel is removed from existing teeth to provide a stable, yet reliable foundation for the bridge to attach to. Once this modification is completed, an impression of the teeth is created and used as a model for the future bridge. Our office will then work with a dental lab to create the bridge to your exact specifications, then place it at a later date.

Diagram of an implant bridge in Gainesville

Implant Bridge

Instead of relying on existing teeth to hold the restoration, dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw so an implant bridge can be attached. Not only does this help you maintain more of your natural tooth structure, but it ensures the bridge has a stronger and more reliable foundation. You also gain all of the added benefits that dental implants provide, including bone stimulation and improved biting strength.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Woman sitting in a dental chair smiling

Dental bridges are a great solution for replacing single or multiple consecutive teeth in a quick and affordable way, especially when you choose the traditional route. Not only do they make it easier to expand your diet and chew your favorite foods, but you can speak more clearly as the tongue relies on teeth more than you’d think with speech.

Additionally, they help keep your teeth from shifting out of place. This can result in misalignment and eventually cause the bite to become uneven, resulting in chronic teeth grinding and clenching. Habits like these are a precursor to TMJ disorder, a condition that puts large amounts of stress on the jaw joints. By addressing your tooth loss now, you can stay proactive against long-term side effects that often appear following tooth loss.

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