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TMJ Treatment – Gainesville, GA

Stop Chronic Jaw Pain In Its Tracks

Do you find yourself waking up with jaw pain on a regular basis? Have you experienced pain while chewing or even noticed clicking and locking of your jaw? If so, it might be because your jaw’s joints, commonly called the TMJ, are experiencing disproportionate amounts of force. At Dr. Her’s dental office, we can perform a detailed exam of your jaw, build a detailed diagnosis, and help determine the best option to get you out of pain. To get started with TMJ treatment in Gainesville, GA, call our dental office today!

Why Choose Lifetime Dental of Gainesville for TMJ Treatment?

TMJ/TMD Diagnosis & Treatment

Woman holding jaw

When you first arrive for your exam, we’ll start by closely examining the way your bite comes together. You’ll also get a chance to tell us about your unique symptoms and how long you’ve been experiencing them. After careful examination, we’ll create a diagnosis of your jaw issues and go over the most practical treatments that will work for you. Our goal is to put your needs first and foremost and only provide therapy that we believe will best address your chronic jaw pain.

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Model of jaw and skull

When patients experience problems with their jaw joints, it’s often because their bite is uneven. That means as you chew certain foods, certain areas of the mouth are experiencing more force than they should be. With equilibration and occlusal adjustments, we can make modifications to your current tooth enamel/restorations in order to make them more even as you bite down. We’ll go over your treatment in detail before making any changes to your current oral structures.

Occlusal Splints

Hand holding a clear plastic occlusal splint

Alternatively, our dental office can design an occlusal splint that protects teeth from bruxism, a condition associated with chronic teeth grinding and clenching, especially during sleep. Once worn, it guides the jaw as it moves side-to-side and front-to-back. Overall, it’s designed to support the TMJ and the muscles typically used while chewing. In most cases, patients experience a difference after just a few days of use!

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